Early Drilling Near Bristow


Oral accounts of drilling for oil and natural gas near Bristow in the early 1900s

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Ralph R. "Brick" Kirchner
In this 1979 interview, Ralph R. “Brick” Kirchner (1893-1990) speaks extensively about the oil drilling industry in Bristow, Oklahoma in the early 1900s, business involvement with J. Paul Getty, anecdotes about Tom Slick, how people handled their…

Oliver "Tracy" Kelly
In this brief 1976 interview, Oliver “Tracy” Kelly (1926-2012) discusses the first banks and cotton gins in Bristow, Oklahoma, as well as the nature of the industry in the area at that time, which was primarily agriculture and oil.

Ralph R. "Brick" Kirchner
In this brief 1976 interview, Ralph R. “Brick” Kirchner (RK) (1893-1990) discusses a 1925 United States Geological Survey geological report covering the “Bristow Quadrangle” oilfield area.

Hyatt Chapman - Part 2
Hyatt continues this 1979 interview discussing plugging wells, Bristow’s first gas well, early merchants, brick streets, oil supply companies and the railroad, and the many tough Bristow characters.
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