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Floyd Luther Blythe
In this 1976 interview, Floyd Luther Blythe (1911-1994) briefly discusses some early family history outside Cato, Missouri.

Ruth Vermont (Hailey) Stumpff
In this 1976 interview, Ruth Vermont (Hailey) Stumpff (1896-1990) briefly discusses the Blythe family history outside Cato, Missouri.

Harry Britt McCarty
In this 1986 interview, Harry Britt McCarty (1903-1987) discusses the locations of different McCarty family cemeteries in Texas and the names/genealogy and deaths of relatives.

Anderson and Elwood Bigpond
In this 1977 interview, Anderson Bigpond and Elwood Bigpond work with the interviewer to pinpoint the names and specific locations of various family burial plots and Indian cemeteries in Creek County, Oklahoma.

Slyman Family- Mrs. Deeb, Mrs. Dave and Tex
This 1979 interview discussing Deeb Slyman includes his wife Annie, nephew Tex (Edmond) Slyman and niece. They share about the journey from Lebanon and their settlement in Bristow. They discussed Deeb’s days in business, the acceptance of foreign…

Bill and Beth Dalpoas
In this 2021 interview, Bill and Beth Dalpoas share about life in Bristow as young adults. Together, they talk about the organizations they were active in, different businesses, and entertainment during that time.

Bunny Baker
In this 2020 interview, Bunny Baker shares her experiences growing up in Bristow. She discusses family history, western heritage days, and shares many fun stories from her childhood through young adult life.

Monta Jean Wheeler
In this 2020 interview, Monta Jean Wheeler shares her experiences growing up in the Bristow area. She discusses her childhood, the various businesses throughout Bristow, and the impact that World War II had on Bristow.

Cecelia Wittman
In this 2020 interview, Cecelia Wittman shares her families history in the Bristow area. She discusses the Tiger Mansion and Indian Culture.

Lydia Taryole
In this 2020 interview, Lydia Taryole shares her experience growing up in Bristow. She discusses her childhood, family history, and baseball.
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