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In this 1979 interview with Wendell List, he talks about the Tulsa Race Riots, the first radio station, the first newspapers, politics and race relations in Bristow.

In this 1979 interview with Milly Thompson, she talks about her early life in Bristow including her family being farmers, going to school, cotton farming and Indians. She also talks about the effects of the war and what it was like to be around…

In this 1979 interview with Ola Lee, she talks about her mother passing away when she was just 13-years-old and what it was like growing up without her. She talks about her dad's store and what it was like working there, as well as, other businesses…

In this 1979 interview with Dora Wolfe, she talks about all the colleges she attended and being a long-time teacher in Bristow Public Schools. Fay Freeland also discusses shopping and traveling to Tulsa in a horse and buggy.

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In Part Two of Winey Harjo's 1991 interview she continues talking about their first car, speaks and sings in Creek, talks about her grandchildren and medicines they used for ailments. She also introduces her son, Wesley, and he talks about what it…

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In Part One of Winey Harjo's 1990 interview, she talks about her family history, having small pox as a child, attending school some, working in the fields, and what it was like to live in a time with no money.

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In this 1990 interview with Jonas Thompson, he talks about moving from Alabama to Muskogee and, finally, to Bristow. He talks about his family, early life and what it was like growing up on a cotton farm. Even though times were tough, he talks…

In this 1979 interview with Curt Gillaspie, he shares about his family history, bank robberies, Indian relations, statehood, and what it was like to attend Bristow Schools and some mischief he got into. He also shares about working for the Bristow…

In this 1979 interview with Jack Carman and his wife, Reba, Jack spoke on the oil boom, growing up around Bristow, working at his dad's Ford Agency and the depression. He also spoke on his part in building Heyburn Lake. Reba spoke about her…

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In this 2021 interview, Marland Armitage shares his experience living in Bristow throughout the years. He discusses the different businesses located in town and what life was like during the depression.
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