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Abner Bruce.png
In this 1976 interview, Abner Dalton Bruce (1918-1987) describes his early life in the Pinehill Community outside Bristow Oklahoma including his family’s income from the quail market in Mannford, farming, shipping cattle on the railroad, early oil…

Anderson & Elwood.png
In this 1977 interview, Anderson Bigpond and Elwood Bigpond work with the interviewer to pinpoint the names and specific locations of various family burial plots and Indian cemeteries in Creek County, Oklahoma.

Basil Baker.jpg
In this 2020 interview, Basil Baker shares his experience growing up in the Bristow area. He discusses his family, military service, and life during the dust bowl.

Bill & Beth Dalpoas.jpg
In this 2021 interview, Bill and Beth Dalpoas share about life in Bristow as young adults. Together, they talk about the organizations they were active in, different businesses, and entertainment during that time.

Robert Vernon Moore.jpg
In this 1976 interview, Bob Moore discusses working as a tool dresser on oil rigs in the early 1900s in northern Oklahoma at a time prior to electricity, when rigs were built of wood, powered by a steam engine, and lighted at night by burning pots of…

Bobby Hope Thompson.jpg
In this 2021 interview, Bob Thompson shares his knowledge of Bristow. He discusses the hand dug water well and the local amphitheater.

Bob Webb 2012 Wildflower Run.jpg
: In this 2020 interview, Bob Webb shares about his experience growing up in the Bristow area. He discusses attending high school, meeting his wife Carolyn, and owning his own grocery store. He also shares about his later life in Bristow as he served…


Bunny Baker.jpg
In this 2020 interview, Bunny Baker shares her experiences growing up in Bristow. She discusses family history, western heritage days, and shares many fun stories from her childhood through young adult life.

Carole Greer Ellis.jpg
In this 2020 interview, Carole Ellis talks about her experience growing up in Bristow. She discusses the different businesses located throughout the community and her passion for art.
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