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00:00:00 - Family

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Partial Transcript: DB: Alright I think we’re going, let’s start. This is Debbie Blansett with the Bristow Historical Society in Bristow Oklahoma, and this interview is part of the Historical Societies ongoing oral history project. The date is March 17th, 2021 and I’m sitting here with Myra Fadely who’s going to tell me a little bit about their history in the Bristow area. Okay, so now we just talk.

MF: Okay, well I’m happy to be able to give you a little bit about my life in Bristow, Oklahoma. To start with, I did not move to Bristow until December, 1971—71’? Yes, yes. And the funny thing about it was that it was just like two days before Christmas and I told my children that we weren’t going to have a Christmas tree because it was too much trouble and we didn’t know where our decorations were or anything.

Keywords: Brett Fadely; Bristow Historical Society; Bristow, Oklahoma; Dallas, Texas; Debbie Blansett; Jean Ann; Jean Ann Fadely; Jean Ann Wilson; Kemps Drug Store; Myra Fadely; Scott Fadely; Topeka, Kansas

00:02:20 - Early Life

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Partial Transcript: DB: I’d love to hear some about your early life

MF: Okay

DB: Even if it wasn’t in Bristow, let’s hear a little bit about your early life

MF: Okay, I can tell you I was born in a little Podunk town in Arkansas named West Point. There was a school, there was a little store that also served as the post office, and there was a gas station and that was it. And my dad worked at a plant that employed people in that area.

Keywords: Ginger Rogers; Independence, Kansas; John Fadely; Margie Lou; Marion, Ohio; Polly Kelly; Stamps Baxter Boys; Topeka, Kansas; Tracey Kelly; West Point, Arkansas

00:08:45 - Dentistry

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Partial Transcript: MF: Well, we had only been here maybe a year and one day Doctor Reed McCullough (ph) who is a dentist called and asked if I would like to work in his dental office, and the kids were all in school and I thought hmm I’ve got time, I need to be doing something so I said sure. So I went, like the next day, and didn’t know what to wear but I thought okay it’s a doctor’s office, everything’s always white. So I had this cute little white dress so I sashayed down there and they laughed at me. Anyway I found out that I needed some scrubs so they happened to have scrubs and gave me them. I worked in that office for Dr. McCullough and later for Dr. McCullough and Dr. Corwin who came to the practice for 30 years, I worked in that office and they were very good to me and very nice people and I got to learn about almost everybody in Bristow. Of course today when I see them at Walmart or somewhere, I look at their faces and know I remember them but I can’t remember their names

Keywords: American National Bank; Dental Association of Oklahoma; Dr. Corwin; Dr. McCullough; Independence, Kansas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Oklahoma Dental Assistants; Reed McCullough; Sinclair; Sinclair Gas Station; Tulsa, Oklahoma

00:15:38 - Jean Anns School of Dance

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Partial Transcript: MF: One thing I remember about that station is on Fourth of July, you know everybody’s wanting to buy fireworks. Well John sat up, got a firecracker stand and my kids ran the firecracker stand and of course all of their friends were down there all day long and Jean Ann, my daughter, would even sunbath on top of it and they had more fun doing that

DB: On top of the station?

MF: On top of the stand, on top of the stand

DB: On top of the firework stand?

MF: Yes, yeah you could go by and she’d be laying up there sunbathing.

DB: Well later on, didn’t she do the swimming pool?

Keywords: Bristow High School; Jean Ann Fadely Wilson; John Fadely; Presbyterian Church; Rolland Building; UCO

00:19:28 - Jean Ann

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Partial Transcript: MF: It’s still there today. You want me to tell about Jean Ann?

DB: Sure

MF: Okay, Jean Ann, she was probably the best known person for miles around and everybody loved her and she would do anything you asked her to do. A lot of the times, people would hire her to go embarrass people when they were having their birthdays when they were having their birthday dinner out somewhere, and she would go and sing and dance and embarrass them to death. Anyway, she had a really nice place to have her dancing now then, and she had lots of students every year more would sign up. At that time, she also had dancers in Depew and later on in Stroud, she owned a building in Stroud and at Depew the school, they let her use the school property.

Keywords: Depew, Oklahoma; Jean Ann; Jean Ann Fadely Wilson; Jennifer Kemp; Makayla Wilson; Stroud, Oklahoma

00:26:37 - Freeland Center

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Partial Transcript: DB: Well I think it’s interesting at the—when we built the Freeland center

MF: Oh yes, yeah.

DB: Tell about that and what they put in the stage and—

MF: Of course in Bristow, there was really no good place to have dance recitals, and we had one or two over at, what is that building there?

DB: Oh at the—

MF: Parking lot behind the—

DB: American Legion

MF: American Legion building, yeah.

DB: And we had some in Depew, in the auditorium at Depew

Keywords: Alisha; American Legion; Chip Cooper; Consolidated Turbine Specialist; Freeland Center; Grand Ole Opry; Home Alone; Jean Ann Fadely Wilson; Makayla Wilson; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Ryan Wilson

00:35:30 - Strongs

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Partial Transcript: DB: Now we talked a little bit before we started the recording about how Bristow has changed in the 50 years you’ve been here and the 40 years I’ve been here, and you were telling me about Strongs, you might tell what kind of store that was and tell your story that goes with.

MF: Okay, it was a store on main street that was—we called it Strongs because Mr. Strong owned it and he had a lot of clothing in there and maybe some housewares, I can’t remember for sure. I remember the clothing and the shoes, he had shoe department. Well I bought a pair, this has been a hundred years ago

DB: It feels like it

MF: I bought a pair of snow boots, they’re all furry and they’ve got the thick rubber sole on them and lace up, you know and they’re really cute I think. Because when I wear them nowadays, and yes I do still wear them, you couldn’t tell that they’ve ever been worn.

DB: And I’ll take a picture so that it can be attached

Keywords: Mr. Strong; Strongs

00:37:19 - Church

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Partial Transcript: MF: Oh and speaking of church, I’m a member of the Presbyterian church that is a hundred and five years now old. It is the most beautiful church, has windows by Tiffany and I love everybody there

DB: It’s on the historic

MF: It’s on the national historical societies register

DB: Mhm

MF: Yeah, anyway we have good people at that church and right now we do not have a regular minister, but we have some members, one of them Debbie’s daughter-in-law. Cara (ph) is one of those members that fills in for the pulpit every Sunday

DB: She’s a good little preacher

Keywords: Cara; Presbyterian Church

00:38:42 - Businesses

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Partial Transcript: MF: I’ll tell you about something else we used to have in Bristow was a skating rink

DB: Yes

MF: You remember that?

DB: I do

MF: Were you here?

DB: I do remember two skating rinks

MF: Oh really? And there was a bowling ally

DB: One was underground

MF: That’s the one I remember

DB: And it had a wooden floor and it was on sixth, it was on sixth street—east sixth and then where the casino is, there was another skating rink and it was, I mean for 1980’s it was pretty stylish. It wasn’t a wood floor

Keywords: American National Bank; Carrie K; Krummes; Paddens Place; Paula Womack; Pauline Padden; Spirit Bank; Taxi service; bowling ally; skating rink

00:41:44 - Gum Story

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Partial Transcript: DB: But it’s been interesting to see Bristow change through the years and I appreciate your time today and telling us about what you remember about Bristow and some of your life stories. Before we go, is there anything else? I see here in WWII you had a gum story, did you wanna share a gum story?

MF: Gum?

DB: You don’t remember? It says “Gum story” next to rations

MF: Yes,yes

DB: Did you wanna share?

Keywords: Independence, Kansas; Leslie, Arkansas; WWII