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00:00:00 - Introduction and Family History

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Partial Transcript: GS: This is Georgia Smith with the Bristow Historical Society in Bristow, Oklahoma and this interview is part of the historical societies ongoing oral history project. The date is July 19, 2021 and I am sitting here at the Rainbow Assisted Living Center with J C Hutson who’s going to tell me a little bit about his history in the Bristow Area. Now, since J C can’t see, I am going to be filling out his paperwork as I answer—ask some of these questions so there may be a little bit of a pause with the questions. Okay, once again J C what was your full name at birth?

JH: Johnny Cleo Hutson (ph)

GS: And where were you born?

JH: I was born in three miles north of Tuskegee, Oklahoma

GS: And what was your father’s name?

JH: Wesley Monroe Hutson

GS: And your mother’s name?

JH: Lily—her married name?

GS: Her maiden name

Keywords: Bristow Historical Society; Bristow Oklahoma; Bristow Tire Service; Candace Lou Hutson; Central Gas and Oil Company; Georgia Smith; J C Hutson; Jacqueline June Hutson; Johnny Clea Hutson; Lily A Hutson; Rainbow Assisted Living Center; Tuskegee, Oklahoma; Wesley Monroe Hutson

00:04:05 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: GS: Okay. Tell me a little bit about your life as a child growing up

JH: Oh gosh, well we were living in the country and of course we didn’t have running water, we didn’t have electricity, we did have natural gas, we had gas lights and gas stove for heating and I went to school at Mountain Home, which was just across the street, across the road actually from us.

GS: So it was five miles north of Bristow?

JH: Yes

GS: Okay, Mountain Home school district

JH: There were several little—every little school district had a couple of schools

GS: Okay

Keywords: Barrel Grocery; Bishops; Mountain Home; Mountain Home School Disctrict; Safeway

00:09:44 - Grandparents and Transportation

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Partial Transcript: GS: Do you remember your grandparents?

JH: Yes, my grandparents?

GS: Yes

JH: Yes, they were, their name was Carter, W. H. Carter, he was a Freewill Baptist preacher

GS: Oh, how wonderful! I did not know that

JH: What?

GS: Was that your dads—no that would’ve been your moms

JH: My mothers, my mothers

GS: Okay, any other older people that you remember besides your grandparents Carters?

JH: You mean in the family?

GS: Uh-huh

JH: No, not really

Keywords: W. H. Carter; model-a Ford

00:11:35 - High School

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Partial Transcript: GS: Okay, what about high school? Were you active in any activities when you were in high school?

JH: Yes, I played basketball and I was in the junior play

GS: Oh, do you remember the play?

JH: Something in King Arthurs Court

GS: Oh how fun

JH: You know about that?

GS: Yes, yes

JH: Okay, and Ms. Borris (ph) was the director of it

GS: Oh okay, and I guess she was the speech or drama teacher?

JH: Yes

Keywords: Ms. Borris

00:12:50 - Church

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Partial Transcript: GS: When you were growing up at home, did you attend church with your family?

JH: Yes

GS: Where was that?

JH: Cleveland First Freewill Baptist Church, my granddad was the preacher. Not the preacher but then, but he was a preacher in the denomination [Indecipherable]

GS: Had he retired or was he in a different church? Had he retired or was he in a different church?

JH: He was in a different church

GS: Okay. You—do you remember any of the songs that they sang?

JH: Oh my gosh, I do but I’m [Indecipherable]

GS: That’s okay, that’s okay. Did they do special things for Christmas or holidays?

Keywords: Cleveland, Oklahoma; First Freewill Baptist Church

00:14:59 - Medical Care

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Partial Transcript: GS: Okay we’re gonna switch gears and go with what was medical care like when you were a child? Did you ever have to go to the doctor?

JH: Not very often, no. Unless you had a bad case of poison ivy or something like this that’s, you know, the only way that you ever went to the doctor.

GS: Do you remember your family doctor?

JH: Doctor Sisler (ph)

GS: Dr. Sisler from Sisler Clinic. Did your mother give birth at home to all of you?

JH: Yes

GS: And did Doctor Sisler or one of the doctors—no, one of the—a doctor came out

JH: [Indecipherable]

GS: Okay

Keywords: Doctor Sisler; Sisler Clinic

00:15:52 - Recollections of Bristow

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Partial Transcript: GS: What are your recollections of Bristow when you were young? Your earliest recollections of Bristow?

JH: Oh gosh, it was all—we had so many nice stores, you could buy about anything you wanted to buy in Bristow and usually on Sunday evening, everybody had their bath and we went to town and we had lots of the oil field people

GS: Yes

JH: I mean a lot of them

GS: Yes

Keywords: Anthonys; J C Pennys; Safeway; Warehouse Market

00:18:51 - Military

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Partial Transcript: GS: Did you serve in the military in WWII?

JH: Yes

GS: What branch?

JH: I was in the air force

GS: In the air force. What were your duties there?

JH: I was a tail gunner on a B-17 flying fortress

GS: Oh my goodness, did you have some pretty scary moments—

JH: Yes

GS: --During that time?

Keywords: B-17 Flying Fortress

00:21:52 - Trips

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Partial Transcript: GS: Oh that’s wonderful, that’s good. And where did you meet Jackie?

JH: Well of course I’ve known her all—I met her in high school

GS: Okay, so you met in high school and did you date in high school?

JH: No

GS: No, waited until after you got out?

JH: What?

GS: What brought you together?

JH: I don’t know, we—she went to the Baptist church and I did too and of course we were in the same classes in school in high school and, I don’t know we just had—we were in the same circles, we had the same friends and it’s, you know, it just grew better and better all the time

Keywords: J. D. Dobson; New York Harbor; San Francisco

00:27:04 - Bristow Tire

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Partial Transcript: GS: Well dates are hard for everyone to remember, dates always have been. Tell me a little bit about your Bristow Tire business.

JH: I was selling bread for Bottom Bread company at that time for quite a while, and my father-in-law was getting old, he owned Bristow Tire

GS: Oh, your father-in-law owned it!

JH: Yes

GS: And his last name was Carter, right?

JH: No his last name was Moore

GS: No Moore, Moore. What was his first name?

JH: P. M. we called him

Keywords: Bristow Tire; Goodyear Tires; OBU; P. M. Moore; Rotary Club; Western Heritage Days

00:33:20 - Main Street

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Partial Transcript: GS: Yes, any other memories of main street?

JH: No, just the memories of back in the 30’s and 40’s when all the oil fields here

GS: Did you ever see Bob Wills when he came through town?

JH: Oh yeah, uh-huh

GS: At the J&J Café?

JH: No, it was in—Bob Wills was at Hamburger King

GS: I meant Hamburger King, I said J&J but I knew it was Hamburger King

JH: Well he—he was a Hamburger King man

Keywords: Bob Wills; Hamburger King; J&J Cafe

00:34:04 - Communication

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Partial Transcript: GS: How did you get information about the war when you were in the 40’s?

JH: How did I get information?

GS: Uh-huh, like over the radio, television?

JH: [Indecipherable] well all we got was—on the radio, of course until we went into the army, and we got very little even when we were in the army just on what we were doing and maybe what we were gonna do.

GS: Yes, they wouldn’t give you any more information, would they?

JH: No, no. Not lots of information

00:34:48 - Closing Thoughts

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Partial Transcript: GS: What would you consider to be the most important change that has happened in your lifetime?

JH: A what?

GS: An invention or maybe an invention—an important invention?

JH: No I can’t remember one, there were so many little—you know, when you were raised, when you’re a little country boy, everything is new and kind of nice kind of to you

GS: True

JH: So everything was very interesting then.

GS: Yes, it was

JH: Lots of changes taking place

GS: There were, how is the world different today than it was back then?

JH: One thing I think we were much friendlier back then, and of course the—we get so much information now so easily and they didn’t back then

Keywords: Bristow Record; Tulsa World