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00:00:00 - Drilling in Bristow Quadrangle

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Partial Transcript: GK: According to Bulletin 759 by A.E. Fath of the Oklahoma Geolog-of the United States Geological Survey on the geology of the Bristow Quadrangle in Creek County, Oklahoma which was printed in 1925 but the work began on it-field work for it-began in 1915, the first well drilled in 17-93 was drilled in section 36 by Oklahoma Natural Gas Company.

Segment Synopsis: Drilling of the second and third successful natural gas wells in the Bristow Quadrangle

Keywords: A.E. Fath; Bristow Quadrangle; Glen Freeman; Hoppy Toad Oil Company; Oklahoma Natural Gas Company; drilling

Subjects: Drilling for natural gas in Bristow Quadrangle