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00:00:00 - Family History

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Partial Transcript: BM: This is [indecipherable], 10—or 11/12/1976, ten minutes until four o’clock. Leo, whenever—

MM: What was [inaudible]

BM: What was your mother and dad’s name?

Segment Synopsis: Leo Bruce discusses his family history

Keywords: Abner Bruce; Clarence Bruce; Ella May; Leo Frank

Subjects: Family History

00:02:38 - Pinehill School

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Partial Transcript: BM: You stated here a while back, Leo, that you remembered when the first school was built there.

LB: Well, I should be able to give you that [indecipherable] description, but I can’t and I don’t know—

BM: Why, Leo, we—we uh—

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of the first Pinehill School being built

Keywords: Pinehill; Pinehill School; schoolhouse

Subjects: Pinehill School

00:04:00 - Location of Childhood Home

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Partial Transcript: BM: At that time, Leo, where did your parents live?

LB: They lived—well, now, they lived in a little—I’m turned around. I get my directions crossed up there. But the road that goes down to, past where Abner Bruce lives now? Well they lived on down that road at the foot of that hill, you know, there’s quite a hill there.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of the location of his childhood home

Keywords: 1908; log home; statehood

Subjects: childhood home

00:05:59 - Pinehill School and Teachers

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Partial Transcript: BM: Tell us about what’s in that first schoolhouse being built.

LB: Well, I was so small it’s hard for me to—

MM: Tell us--you kind of played around it, [inaudible] while they was building it [inaudible].

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of building of Pinehill School and teachers

Keywords: Nell Evans; Nell Watson; Pinehill School; Witty McKeehan; schoolhouse

Subjects: Pinehill School; Teachers

00:08:31 - Pinehill Classmates and Teachers

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Partial Transcript: BM: Who all went to school with you there at that time, Leo? That you can remember?

LB: Well, that was—

BM: Take your time now, and think.

Segment Synopsis: Memories of classmates and teachers and Pinehill School

Keywords: Big Mosquitoes; Biggs; Bill McEwan; Charlie Stubblefield; Clarence Myers; Ernest Sawell; Frank Bruce; Leo Pinehill; Letch Stubblefield; Mayes; Pinehill; Rosie Lindsey; Sammy Stubblefield; Tom McEwan; Will Wilson; Willie Mayes; classmates

Subjects: Pinehill School; Teachers; classmates

00:13:34 - Moving back to Pinehill and running a store

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Partial Transcript: BM: In later years, then, Leo, in later years you went to—you came back in that country. You came back in that country. Did you or did you not?

LB: Yes, it was several—

BM: In later years, several, several years after that—

LB: In later years.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of moving back to Pinehill and opening a store

Keywords: Coleman Bruce; Pinehill; Polecat Bridge; armistice; canned goods; flour; tobacco

Subjects: Pinehill; store

00:16:16 - Father as County Clerk

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Partial Transcript: BM: When your parents moved into the Sapulpa area, what did your father—what was your father’s occupation at that time?

LB: Well, of course he was a farmer, well then he was elected. He ran for county clerk. And he was elected county clerk.

BM: He was elected country clerk.

MM: What year?

Segment Synopsis: Leo Bruce's father is county clerk

Keywords: County Clerk; election; term

Subjects: county clerk

00:18:10 - Marriage and Children

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Partial Transcript: MM: What did your mom and dad do? Did they move back to the Pinehill community?

LB: No.

BM: At the present time, do you still-you still own some land out in that part, do you or do you not, Leo?

LB: Yes.

BM: Let’s back up. What year, Leo, did you get married?

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of marriage and children

Keywords: Cherry Creek; Elesia Montaguerrez; Francisca Alexius; Ida Shockley; Kay Don Bruce; Robert Bruce; Troy Livingston

Subjects: children; marriage

00:21:08 - Locations of Pinehill Schools

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Partial Transcript: MM: How many Pinehill school buildings do you remember? [Inaudible.]

LB: Well I don’t know whether there’d have been three, there were three, wasn’t there?

BM: Well we’ve got reports of three, we’ve got reports of four, so we don’t know.

MM: The one that [inaudible]—

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of the locations of the Pinehill Schools

Keywords: John Rossander; Pinehill; Pinehill school

Subjects: Pinehill School

00:22:55 - Creek County Sheriff

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Partial Transcript: BM: Was your dad—wasn’t your dad elected to a term as sheriff? In Creek County?

LB: Yes, he served two terms as sheriff.

BM: He served two terms as sheriff of Creek County. Well then, he was—that was in what year, Leo? Do you remember?

LB: No, I don’t. I’m not sure, I’d have to look that up.

Segment Synopsis: Leo Bruce's father as Creek County Sheriff

Keywords: Creek County; Sheriff

Subjects: Sheriff

00:25:06 - Activities at Pinehill School

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Partial Transcript: BM: --I never had got that off any of the, anybody else but you. (pause) Is there any funnies that you can—that you remember that went on at the school during your school days there? Is there anything, any funny happened that you remember?

LB: Well, I can’t think of anything amusing right now.

BM: To you memory, then, what, what all was the school used for, Leo?

LB: It was—they had church there a lot, as I remember it, and then they had a literary society there in the community. I can remember those meetings were a lot. They’d have—they’d come in there of an evening and I guess they had a certain night of the week that they’d have the literary but I can’t remember when.

Segment Synopsis: Activities held at Pinehill School

Keywords: Pinehill School; Virgil Vann; church; dialogues; kangaroo court; literary; recitations; schoolhouse; voting

Subjects: Activities; Pinehill School; schoolhouse

00:28:41 - Family Tree

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Partial Transcript: MM: As far as we know, and as far as we’ve been able to tell, Leo, you were the first white child born in that community. Leo Frank Bruce. And you was born (pause) what the date was—10/01/1897. October the—

LB: Ten the eighteenth.

Segment Synopsis: The family tree of Leo Bruce

Keywords: Abner Louis Bruce; Adam Bruce; Alpha Bruce; Alpha Stephens; Balsora Dalton; Coleman Bruce; Jonathon Bruce; Katie Bruce; Leo Frank Bruce; Morton Bruce; Pleasant Bruce; Richard Bruce; Susan Bruce; Wesley Bruce

Subjects: Family Tree; Leo Bruce

00:31:41 - Pinehill Memories and a Story of Shoes for a Dog

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Partial Transcript: LB: Well I was—I don’t know how to describe it. I really liked the community out there, you know, and of course the mental [indecipherable] child, why, they usually appreciate or like the child more than they do after they get grown and have to get out and face the—

BM: Face the world.

LB: --cold, cold world.

MM: Well, you were never really apart from it. Your folks has always been there, you’ve been back and forth the whole dang—your life, haven’t you?

Segment Synopsis: Memories of growing up in Pinehill and a story about shoes for a hunting dog

Keywords: Coleman Bruce; Heyburn; Pinehill; Polecat; community; dog; fish; hunting; shoes; swimming hole

Subjects: Pinehill; memories

00:36:40 - Oil Industry and Crossing a Cold Creek

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Partial Transcript: MM: Do you remember any of the early oil industry in there, or anything like that?

LB: Well now, see, when I had the store out there they had a (pause) I think they called it a booster station, didn’t they, the Texas Oil Company had a station right down below the hill there from where the store was.

BM: Be out west.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of early business including oil and crossing a cold cree,

Keywords: Oil; Old Stockade House; Polecat; Texas Oil Company; creek; oil industry; pipeline; telegraph operator

Subjects: creek; oil

00:41:28 - Surrey with a Fringe on Top

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Partial Transcript: MM: I believe you told me one time about you and Charlie Blythe watching the first surrey with a fringe on top. Do you remember that? It was there at your grandpa’s, and—

LB: Yes, I just barely, I can remember. Well, I can remember that was kind of a, kind of a meeting place for a lot of people over the country there at my grandparents’ house. I think Charlie—seems like I can remember Charlie stopping in there more than once—

MM: What about surrey with a fringe on top?

Segment Synopsis: Memories of seeing a surrey with fringe on top

Keywords: Charlie Blythe; Cherry Creek; fringe; surrey

Subjects: Surrey

00:42:36 - Talks of Visiting and the Location of Leo Bruce's Property

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Partial Transcript: BM: You can still drive down—or you could, you could still drive down to that old crossing there on Cherry Creek. You could here a few years back. I don’t know whether you still can or not. Down by where the Old Stockade House was. There was a cross there, that was the roadway where the crossing was there on Cherry Creek, went right down to Polecat, on down to just above what they call the lower falls.

LB: Those lower falls, I don’t know if I was ever right at that location or not. But I can remember the people speaking of the lower falls and—

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of visiting the Pinehill area and the location of Leo Bruce's property

Keywords: Cherry Creek; Dan Masterson; Loyd Bruce; Mastersons; Old Stockade House; Pinehill; Polecate; Roy Bruce; lower falls

Subjects: Pinehill; property records