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00:00:00 - Locations of McCarty Family Graves

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Partial Transcript: BM: This is July 16, 1986 in Harry McCarty’s living room.

MM: Okay—

BM: Now, Harry, you said a while ago the two girls was buried where?

HM: Lola (ph) was buried at Port Acana (ph) and Bea (ph) was buried down there close to Houston in a Catholic cemetery but we didn’t go to the cemetery.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of the locations of McCarty family members graves.

Keywords: Bea; Bryant Fassmore; Colorado River; Harry McCarty; Lola; Marble Falls; Old Man Holloway; Port Acana; Sam Holland; Wash Crosson; diptheria

Subjects: cemeteries; graves

00:04:45 - Family Members and Genealogy

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Partial Transcript: MM: Ask him how many of—if he could tell all the names of papa’s half-brothers and -sisters and all them. All of them kids, we’ve heard so many tales of the half-brothers and -sisters and stepbrothers and -sisters and all that, how many of them can you name?

HM: [Inaudible] Them Hollands, Uncle Tom Holland was dad’s half-brother. And when he was here I asked him about them other Hollands down there and he said that I thought they was all Grandpa’s Holland’s brothers. He said they was his brothers and half-brothers or something. And I don’t know.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of the Family Genealogy of Harry McCarty

Keywords: Alex; Bryant McCarty; Charlie Edwards; Ferrell Blythe; Laura; Port Lavaca; Tom Holland; Wiley Thompson

Subjects: family; genealogy

00:12:08 - Traveling to Houston for Bea's Funeral

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Partial Transcript: HM: [Indecipherable] Flossie (ph) and Paula (ph) and you and me went to La Porte, that’s where they lived, in La Porte, but she was in a funeral home there in Houston. And we went back there the next day, it was foggy and raining. We went down through there and they don’t have water ditches there, they just have kind of bar (ph) ditches, flattened out. And the next morning we went back to that funeral home and if was twenty-four miles, they was twenty-six cars in that, that’d missed that that night in that fog and there wasn’t anybody in ‘em, they was just bogged down out in there and if it was the other way around they was twenty-four miles and twenty-six cars and if it’s twenty-six miles well there’s twenty-four cars, I don’t remember. And we’d went right down between ‘em that night and (laughs) [indecipherable] to the road.

Segment Synopsis: Stories of the trip to Houston when Bea died

Keywords: Paul Stephens; fog light; travel

Subjects: funeral; travel

00:17:03 - Move to Oklahoma

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Partial Transcript: MM: What year did your daddy come out to Oklahoma?

HM: Well, he come here in—I guess it was the early part of ’18.

MM: What time, when did you come out?

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of moving to Oklahoma in 1918

Keywords: Baker; Bert Burnett; Bristow; Ed Barnfield; Lawton; Mina Phipps; Wichita Falls

Subjects: Moving; Oklahoma

00:18:20 - Family Names

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Partial Transcript: ZM: Your mother died in ’68.

HM: Yeah.

ZM: And Bea (ph) must’ve died about two years before, didn’t she?

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of family genealogy

Keywords: Audry Simmons; Betty Lee; Betty Simmons; La Porte; Marble Falls; Vivian King

Subjects: family; genealogy

00:22:22 - Old Family Pictures

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Partial Transcript: BM: I was gonna say, we’re gonna leave—try to get away about the last of September or the—

ZM: This is the key to that [indecipherable]—

BM: The last of September or the first of October.

HM: That’s Bryant’s (ph) dad.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion recorded while looking through family pictures

Keywords: Bea; Jack Higgins; Keeg; Lannow; Lorreine; Marble Falls; Pictures

Subjects: genealogy; pictures

00:28:08 - Butchering a Boar Hog

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Partial Transcript: BM: --That was the same day that I had him to come out there and we cut that old boar hog. I went in that morning after him—

MM: No that was the next spring.

BM: --I went in after him to—

Segment Synopsis: Memories of butchering a hog

Keywords: butcher; hog

Subjects: butcher; hog

00:30:21 - Location of Family Graves

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Partial Transcript: ZM: Would you all drink something, coffee or something?

BM: Oh, I’d have a cup of coffee, sis.

MM: You can turn that off if you want to.

pause in recording

HM: Marble Falls and buried her there at the Marble Falls but they wasn’t buried together. And Nina (ph), the oldest girl, she—her husband’s buried out there at Toby (ph) and she got it in her head she wanted her mother and dad to be put out there at Toby (ph) and she had them taken up, and they’d been there for a long time. I guess there’s nothing there. But anyhow she—

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of location of family graves

Keywords: Marble Falls; Nina; Toby

Subjects: gravesites