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00:00:00 - Patterns in Buildings

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Partial Transcript: UW: --Slide four is also an example of the assets of Main Street. This is decorative brickwork along the tops of the buildings. Sometimes you find this special decorative brickwork around the windows, as in the Stone building in Bristow. Or you can find the special asset that’s hidden, such as the brass pavers which denote the crosswalk in Bristow. When we stop to look at Main Street, we discover that the changes taking place over time have begun to obscure these special assets. It becomes more and more difficult to distinguish those special details that make the community—Main Street particularly—an interesting place to be.

Segment Synopsis: Patterns in building and architecture in Bristow

Keywords: Anthony's; Bristow; Stone Building; architecture; patterns

Subjects: Patterns; architecture

00:02:43 - Alignment

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Partial Transcript: Alignment is another term that we use in a townscape program, and this particular example—number twenty—shows the alignment of the rooftops of these three buildings, the alignment of the windows on the second and third floors, and the alignment of the storefront. It’s a very strong, horizontal element on this street which gives you a feeling of visual continuity. Slide twenty-one is an example of Granbury, Texas, and how they maintain the alignment in the second floors of the buildings, even though one of the buildings has been altered to accommodate a drive-in bank. Another technique for maintaining that horizontal band on the street, if a building has been demolished, is something like the addition of the brick columns that we see here in Tulsa that finish off a vacant lot.

Segment Synopsis: Alignment is explained in reference to buildings in Bristow

Keywords: Bristow; Stone Building; alignment; architecture; townscape

Subjects: Bristow; architecture; buildings

00:06:41 - Facades and Windows

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Partial Transcript: Another change that we’ve seen happening on main street is closing down of facades, because possibly the use has changed in that building and there’s more privacy required for one reason or another. An alternative to this is the Fig Tree Restaurant idea which—when they needed more privacy for the diners, rather than boarding up the large display windows in the first floor of the building, they simply added a coat of black paint to the glass and added their logo so that they had the privacy for the new use of the space, but on the street you’ve maintained the original shapes and patterns of the windows.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of facades and windows in buildings in Bristow

Keywords: Ada; Allen's Alley; Bristow; Calthy's Half-Size Shop; Elk City; Fig Tree Restaurant; Jeans Crossing; June's Fashions; The Coreys; architecture; facades; storefront; the Gift House

Subjects: Bristow; architecture; facades; windows

00:10:46 - Painting Buildings

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Partial Transcript: This opportunity exists on many Oklahoma Main Streets. This particular case in Bristow really only needs some basic maintenance and you could have the original design intact. Now in many cases, changes are necessary on the street, and a townscape program does not mean we really oppose change just for the sake of opposing change.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of painting buildings in Bristow

Keywords: Ada Men's Store; B&B Rexall Drugs; Bristow; Jackson Office Equipment; Leventhal Furs; Main Street; architecture; brick arches; buildings; paint; townscape program

Subjects: Bristow; architecture; buildings; main street; paint

00:13:33 - Mini-malls and Joining Buildings

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Partial Transcript: The mini-mall is a kind of marketing concept that we’re beginning to see on more main streets as larger buildings are not really viable for one establishment. This particular example is in Elk City, and let’s just juxtapose it with the next example, and that way of advertising the retail establishments in that mini-mall. You can see how much stronger it is when you’re using the whole façade of the building to advertise what’s going on inside, and not trying to attract people just by the use of a less-than-interesting white plastic sign.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of the mini-mall and joining buildings approach of marketing

Keywords: Bristow; JC Penney; Otasco; Todd Furniture Store; architecture; marketing; minimall

Subjects: Bristow; architecture; marketing; mini-mall

00:15:58 - Signs and Awnings

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Partial Transcript: The next section we want to discuss will be signs and the fact that signs come in many different forms in the community [and] are obviously a very strong visual element. In this case, the furniture store and also kitchen stuff in Ada, you see the painted-on sign and you also see the flush-mounted sign. In many cases there’s a place right within the architecture of a building to put the sign, and that area was called the sign band. Here’s an example of the H&H Tire Center in Elk City that has used that existing place within the architecture to put the sign. You can see what that does to the total façade of the building—you use the whole building as a way to advertise the store, not just the sign, not just the display windows. A much stronger kind of marketing approach.

Segment Synopsis: Signs and Awnings being used for marketing

Keywords: Bristow; H&H Tire Center; Main Street; architecture; awnings; marketing; sign band; signs

Subjects: Bristow; Main Street; architecture; awnings; marketing; signs

00:19:29 - Pedestrians and Street Furniture

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Partial Transcript: Townscape programs are also concerned about pedestrians and the areas within the street that are intended for pedestrian use and for automobile use. And in this example you can see that there’s normally very little definition between those zones. There’s no way of defining that edge. Now here’s one way that could improve that—the use of some simple shrubs to define where the pedestrian area is, where the parking lot is, where the area is for the automobiles.

Segment Synopsis: Discussion of pedestrians and street furniture on main street

Keywords: brick paving; pedestrians; sidewalk; street furniture; townscape program

Subjects: pedestrians; sidewalks

00:22:13 - Public Information and Parking

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Partial Transcript: Public information is something that every community is concerned about, and this is typically the way it is presented on a tall aluminum pole, which becomes rusted and is easily bent. A very simple alternative to that would be the use of a low wooden stake that actually puts that information at driver’s-eye level and doesn’t have the spindly quality, I guess you could say, of the aluminum poles.

Segment Synopsis: Ways to display public information and a discussion on parking

Keywords: Bristow; Main Street; Parking; Public information

Subjects: parking; public information

00:24:07 - Alleyways and Water Towers

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Partial Transcript: Alleyways are another thing to consider in a townscape program because while you have existing assets in a town, as we talked about in the beginning of the show, there’s also hidden opportunities and simple treatments, as in this case the addition of some trees to the alleyway, can make a huge difference in the impression that people have of the community.

Segment Synopsis: Alleyways and water towers are discussed in this section

Keywords: alley; alleyways; townscape program; water tower

Subjects: alleyways; water tower

00:25:02 - Other Townscape Projects

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Partial Transcript: Any size community can participate in a townscape program, and this particular example is Normandy, Tennessee. You can see the interesting hand-carved sign they’ve selected to announce their community and give it a special identity. You can also see here that they’ve applied some of these principles we’ve been talking about.

Segment Synopsis: Brief overview of other townscape projects

Keywords: Chelsea, Massachusetts; Normandy, Tennessee; Townscape project

Subjects: Townscape Project

00:28:19 - Closing Comments

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Partial Transcript: Basically, this gives you an overview of the issues we’re concerned about in a townscape program, and once again the thing to consider is What are the assets on your main street and your town. Drop back and look for those and then look at the things that maybe you’re not so proud of and begin to consider what kinds of changes could be made that will highlight the assets that exist within your community, strengthen those architectural features in the buildings, and not disrupt those original patterns that existed and that gave main street its special identity and gave the buildings their special unity.

Segment Synopsis: Closing comments of the lecture

Keywords: Bristow; Main Street; architecture; buildings; townscape project

Subjects: Bristow; Main Street; architecture; townscape project