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00:00:07 - Hauling with the Team Wagon

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Partial Transcript: HF: We lived out, and him and Joe come down there. Dad, he, he put his pistol, he stuck it right down there with his open jacket, see, and jumped it on. And, they had a, they had their pistols on, each one of them had a pistol and a Winchester on their saddle. Dad wasn't afraid of nothing.
WN: Oh, that's great. Well, you got it all settled then.
BN: You had to be brave then.
HF: But, we moved up there to Lovett place after that, and he was the best neighbor we had. He'd horn him, and brand him, and [indecipherable] him, and this and that. And where's them, where's them pictures of them two? I'm, and Emmett on the horses.
WN: Oh, right here.
HF: Emmett brought that horse, that, there's a, no, no.
WN: That's not the one. Here's the, here's the horses right here.
HF: Yeah.
WN: No.
HF: That's, that's, that's alright. It's not in there. It's, I've seen it somewhere.
WN: I've got these two with you on it.
HF: No.
WN: No, not that.
HF: No, that's a cow horse, see.
WN: Oh.
HF: These are all work horses here, see. Now, see, that's the way a horse looks when he's pulling.
WN: Huh.
HF: See, they're stretching. These here is not doing too good, and here they are…
WN: Really straining there, aren't they?
HF: Yeah. See, I'm, I'm have pushed this old, this old mare here, this gray mare here. She, she is a [indecipherable]. You could slap her on the back a time or two, she'd, well, she'd run away with 'em horses. See.

Segment Synopsis: Howard talks about all the different things the hauled with his team wagon.

Keywords: Gus Johnson; Lee Johnson; Lowdwick Johnson; Sylvester Johnson; bullwheels; team wagon; rig timber

Subjects: hauling with team wagon