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00:04:14 - Family History and Early Childhood

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Keywords: Annetta Webb; Big Deep Fork; Callie Hill; Charley S. Webb Sr; Charley Shelby Webb Junior; County Commissioner; Creek County; Debbie Charles Webb; District Two; Farm; Farmer; Jimmy Weaver; Mary Charles Hill Webb; Newby; Robert Earl Webb; Tractor

Subjects: Childhood; Early Childhood; Family History; Farming

00:06:31 - Bob's Grocery and Carolyn Masters

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Partial Transcript: BW: But then my mother— when the Garment Factory opened, well she went to work there and she worked there— oh gosh until I bought the store, and then she went to work with me in my grocery store after I was— well on my twenty-first birthday.

GS: What was the name of that store, Bob?

BW: Bob’s Grocery. We couldn’t call it Webb’s grocery because Johnny (ph) and Frank Webb had a month ahead of us had bought the store across the street—

GS: (Laughter)

BW: —and they called it Webb’s, so we couldn’t call it Webb’s. (Chuckling)

GS: No.

BW: So we went to Bob’s Grocery and that’s what it was until I sold it.

GS: Okay. Tell me about Carolyn, your wife. When did you all get married?

BW: Oh lord.

GS: Well first, what’s Carolyn’s whole name?

BW: Carolyn G. Masters Webb.

Keywords: Bob's Grocery; Carolyn G. Masters Webb; Garment Factory

Subjects: Bob's Grocery; Buisness; Carolyn Webb; Children; Garment Factory; Marriage

00:12:42 - Childhood and The Farm

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Partial Transcript: GS: Okay. Now, tell me a little bit about what life was like for you as a child.

BW: Well, let’s see. I was born on the ole Burt Miller Farm (ph) they called it. Every farm had a name, back in those days. And it was about a mile off of Highway 48, which was a gravel road then. And about three miles southwest of Newby. Anyway, I was born in the farmhouse. My mother started having the pains, and I had an aunt and uncle there Jesse and Lucille Propst . Lucille was my dad’s sister. Anyway, dad jumped in the ole car to go get Doc King or Doc Coppedge— one of ‘em. And anyway, I came before the doctor got there and my Uncle Jesse, was— he’s the one that delivered me.
GS: Ah.

BW: And he was a farmer and a barber.


BW: So, anyway—

GS: Was he a dentist also, I think back then they were dentist too—

BW: Well, he may have. But my Uncle Jesse delivered me and when the doctor got there he said, “Jesse, you done a great job.” said, “That’s gonna be a good looking Naval.”


BW: Anyway, Uncle Jesse and I— I don’t know whether it was that reason, or not because he delivered me. He was one of the closest uncles I had. He treated me better than he did his own kids. (chuckling)

GS: Now, was it your Uncle Jesse or was it a different uncle that was in law enforcement with the— and caught the outlaws and you didn’t believe him—

BW: No, that was—

Keywords: Bristow News Record Newspaper; Burt Miller Farm; Corn; Cotton; Doc Coppedge; Doc King; Georgia; Isaac Webb; New Mexico; Oklahoma; Peanuts; Texas; US Marshal; Wild Horse Prairie

Subjects: Childhood; Family; Farm; Memories

Hyperlink: Ike King Webb
00:16:21 - School Days

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Partial Transcript: BW: So— but anyway, I went to Newby school through the eighth grade. Got to start early when I was like barely five. I visited school quite a bit, ‘cause we lived two and a half miles from the school and there was no kids to play with. And I would follow my older brother to school and J.L. Darnell was the County Superintendent at the time. My dad was raised up with him and Robert Darnell and his other brother. They run around together when they were kids. Anyway, J.L. was there to visit one day and he asked Geneva Scott which was my first— was the teacher, and he said, “What’s Bob doing here he’s not old enough. She said, “Well he comes to visit so we have kids to play with.” J.L. said, “Put him in school.” So I got to start school early and I graduated out of high school. I was about a year to two years younger than my classmates my senior year.

GS: And did that bother you in anyway?

BW: It really did ‘cause I was small anyway and it didn’t bother me so much at Newby school, ‘cause it wasn’t all that many kids. But coming from Newby School there was just two of us graduating out of the eighth grade that year, me and Dwayne Tallent (ph). And came to Bristow school where there was twelve, fifteen hundred kids at the time probably and I was— everybody thought I was probably in the seventh grade instead of the ninth grade, ‘cause I was so small. But anyway, I enjoyed it after a year or two. Senior year I really enjoyed it—

GS: Once you got your growth spurt? (Chuckling)

Keywords: County Superintendent; Dwayne Tallent; Elizabeth Ferguson; Geneva Scott; J.L Darnell

Subjects: Bristow High School; School

Hyperlink: J.L Darnell
Hyperlink: Robert Alan Darnell
Hyperlink: Geneva Scott
00:20:38 - Work Before Bob's Grocery

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Partial Transcript: GS: Let me interrupt you—

BW: Sure.

GS: —just a minute. Where was the M&P located then?

BW: It was on Main Street just north of the Express Personnel.

GS: Okay.

BW: Yeah I think it was one door—

GS: On the west side of the street?

BW: On the west side of the street.

GS: I’ll be.

BW: And Grady Arthurs had one right next door— a grocery store.

GS: Oh.

BW: We didn’t have any big grocery stores then and Safeway was up at, what Ninth and Main then. Where the doctor’s clinics at now.

GS: Oh.

Keywords: Aaron Willeford; Business School; Cadillac dealer; Colorado; Dick Cahill; Express Personnel; Grady Arthurs; Lonnie Mcgall; M&P Grocery; Oklahoma Natural; Oklahoma Natural Building; Safeway; Tulsa Stationery

Subjects: Business; Work

00:31:58 - Bob's Grocery and Hale-Halsell

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Partial Transcript: GS: What year was that that you bought that store?

BW: Well let’s see, that had to be ’62.

GS: ’62.

BW: ’62. And I just turned—

GS: What was—

BW: —twenty-one on my— on April 1st and got my store on April 2nd.

GS: Was there a store there before you bought it?

BW: Yeah, Aaron Willeford owned the store.

GS: Aaron Willeford owned the store.

BW: Yeah, used to be Siner Grocery. Siner’s built the building and they sold it to Aaron and moved out in western Oklahoma some place. But Aaron had it for a few years and like I said, when he got elected County Commissioner, he worked for Jim Weaver with my dad too.

GS: Okay, yeah.

BW: And anyway, it was kind of a natural thing and I bought it. I was there for fifteen years. I more than doubled the size of the building. I had three houses on the lots behind it. It was a complete block along the lots— or the block was. And I sold the houses off and built on the store and I made it like almost three times bigger than what it was. Put all new equipment in it and the M&P had sold out after I left to Hale-Halsell. It was a warehouse in Tulsa, it’s why they called it Super-H—

GS: Oh.

Keywords: Affiliated Foods; Audrey Gillum; David Leffner; I-40; Levan Kelly; Okemah; Safeway; Siner Grocery; Super-H Store; Tracy Kelly

Subjects: Buisness; Grocery Store; Jobs; Loans

00:42:55 - Grocery Store Management and Real Estate

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Partial Transcript:
BW: And built a new store. Well, Bill Farha owned the building in Bristow and he also owned the one in Okemah,

GS: Okay.

BW: He built ‘em for Safeway.

GS: I did not know that.

BW: And of course Bill traded with me at the store.

GS: Uh-huh.

BW: And we got together and he and I were gonna put that store in in Okemah. Beautiful building, big parking lot, and right in the middle of town. And we’d have probably put Safeway out of business earlier down there if we’d—

GS: Rival.

Keywords: Arkansas; Bill Farha; Bixby; Doodle's Steakhouse; Escotts; Kansas; Larry Reasor; Real Estate; Reasor's; Sysco Food Service; The Industrial Board

Subjects: Buisness; Grocery Store; Real Estate; Reasors; Retirement; Work

00:53:53 - Bristow Then and Now

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Partial Transcript: GS: Any significant changes you’ve seen in Bristow since you are on the Industrial Board or even like as a child that you know, you think were big improvements to Bristow?

BW: Well you know—

GS: Or had a big impact to Bristow?

BW: Yeah. I kinda beat around the bush about this, but you know a kid from the farm; we came to town on Saturday. Main Street was just full; you couldn’t find a parking place. And usually the farmers when they came in, they came in for the day.

GS: Yes.

BW: And you know, we’d go to the Walmur Theatre and get in there for a dime or so. Eat a hamburger at Llyon’s Café, and then dad would do his visiting up and down Main Street making (indecipherable) sale, or whatever. And mom would usually go to the Princess Theatre, that was where the adults went you know.

GS: Okay, that’s why I never went to the Princess I guess much.

BW: It was— I didn’t go very often until I married her— married Carolyn. (Chuckling)

GS: Uh-huh.

BW: But anyway, and the Main Street was just so busy. But you know, I’m on a couple other boards too and when we’re having general meetings or— we’ve had a couple of meetings I’d hold ‘em here in Bristow. And I had the Conservation District and we— and a whole area Conservation Districts, which takes most of northeastern Oklahoma. And it was my turn to hold it here, I had it down at the Church of God where we go to church and we was gonna really impress ‘em. So we ordered T-Bone steaks, we had like about a hundred people there.

Keywords: Anna Louise Foster; Area of Conservation Districts; Arthur Foster; Charlie Webb Senior; Church of God; Community State Bank; Harrison Webb; Llyon's Cafe; Main Street; Princess Theatre; School Board; Tall Foster; Walmur Theatre

Subjects: Bristow; Buisnesses; Changes; Main Street; Town

00:58:52 - The Webb Children

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Partial Transcript: GS: Yeah. Okay, do your children still live around here?

BW: No. Robert JR, he lives in Phoenix. He’s been there for— oh gosh, twenty-five years.

GS: How old would Rob be now?

BW: He’ll be about sixty-one now.

GS: Okay.

BW: He graduated— all three kids graduated OSU. He went to work for General Foods and they moved him to southern California for about four or five years and then to Phoenix. And they was getting ready to move him again and he said, “I’m not moving again.” So—

GS: (Laughter)

BW: —he resigned and went to Arizona State and got his masters and as soon as he walked out he went straight to Intel and now he does all the contracts for Intel.

GS: Good for him.

BW: This is worldwide (Chuckling).

GS: Good for him.

Keywords: Arizona State; Federal Reserve Bank; General Foods; Oklahoma State University; Robert Webb Jr

Subjects: Children; Graduation; Grandchildren; Jobs; School